Lucy’s Special BUCK Oat Seed 5 Full Pounds


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Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Seed –
What makes Lucy’s Buck Oat Cat Grass special?
You will have to ask Lucy (Our Finicky cat) why she prefers her special Buck Oat Grass when other grasses are available.

5 pounds. Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Seed
contains enough seed to plant 125- 3″x 3″ pots or 70- 6″x 6″ pots

Purchase Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Seed and plant them in a container of your choice with any soil medium you choose.

What you will need to plant your very own cat grass:
A pot with drainage holes in bottom
For soil we suggest purchasing a bag of organic soil from your local green house or home improvement store.
Just make sure the soil or growing medium is organic, pesticide free and free of other contaminants that may
be harmful to your pet.
Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Seed
Just a few daily minutes of your time and in approximately 7 days you will have a fresh delight to serve your feline friend.

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 6 in


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