Bunny 1 Pound Kit


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Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Cat Grass Kit

Bunnies 1 pound Cat Grass Kit
This wonderful cat grass kit includes: one 6-inch white “Bunny” pail with clear liner,
(2) 5-inch pots, growing medium (Premier Pro-Mix) for 2 plantings and 1 pound Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Grass Seed.
Add water and in a few days you’ll have your own fresh planting of Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Grass for your kitty to enjoy.
The containers included in this kit are reusable.
All you need to do after the grass matures, ages, and dies is replace the soil and re-plant with fresh seeds.
Start one container. In 7-10 days later, start another. Keep rotating so your cat will always have a new fresh supply of grass.


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