Your Privacy

Lucy’s Cat Grass considers your personal information PRIVATE!

  • We will never allow anyone else to see it.

  • We will not sell it, give it away or misplace it.

  • We will not use it to send you spam, though we email your discount code yearly, or change website

  • We will never use it for the telemarketing of pet supplies

We do appreciate you giving us all the information you can so that we may serve you better.

  1. Including your phone number allows us an easy means of contact if we have a problem or question regarding your order.

  2. Providing us with your Credit Card's ACTUAL Billing Address (the place your bills are mailed to) allows us to verify that you are the owner of the card we are charging. Without it we are unable to complete your order. You may have us ship it anywhere - as long as we have that billing address too.