Cat grass (or catgrass) is a type of cereal grass such as oat grass or wheat grass which can be grown indoors from seeds. Once sprouted, the leaves of the cat grass plant can be fed to your cat or other pet as a treat to help satisfy their craving for greens.

Lucy's Cat Grass sells the best selection of seeds and seed kits for growing organic cat grass for your finicky feline friend and other pets including Lucy's very own Buck Oat Grass Seeds; and unique varieties of organic wheat grass seeds and organic oat grass seeds.

Why do cats need Lucy's Organic Cat Grass?
More and more cats live exclusively indoors where they must depend on their owners to provide the safe and healthy plants that their bodies crave. Our organic seed products can help:
  • Provide cats with essential vitamins and folic acids
  • Aide cat digestion by adding roughage to their diet
  • Assist in removing hairballs
  • Keep cats away from hazardous houseplants
  • Satisfy the natural cravings that cats have for grass

  • Lucy's oat grass seeds and wheat grass seeds are health store quality and are grown and packaged by hand in Kansas, the wheat state. They are organically certified - free of pesticides - and easy to grow. Just plant the seeds and within days your cats will be enjoying their very own organic vegetation. It couldn't be easier!

    You'll also be happy to know that every purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So why not order your organic cat grass seeds or cat grass seed kits today and start giving your pet the safe and healthy plants that their bodies crave.