Have you ever noticed your cat eating grass or nibbling on plants and wondered why? The answer may be as simple as your cat satisfying a natural craving for grass.

Although some cats are more interested in nibbling on grass than others, if yours is one that does, you should be careful about allowing your cat to go outside to munch away. Lawns and other outside plants are often treated with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, or insecticides that are poisonous to cats.

If your cat isn’t able to satisfy its craving for grass outside, it may turn to nibbling on your houseplants. Unfortunately, not only might this be undesirable, but it may be deadly. Certain houseplants can be very dangerous or deadly to your cat regardless of whether they have been chemically treated.

A simple and safe solution to satisfy your cat’s craving for grass is to grow cat grass indoors. Growing cat grass is easy! It grows quickly and is very easy to tend. Here’s How To Grow Cat Grass For Your Kitty 1) Fill a container with drainage holes nearly to the top with moist potting soil (we use organic potting soil) 2) Generously place seeds atop the soil 3) Cover seeds with more potting soil 4) For the initial watering, use warm tap water 5) Keep seeds moist but do not overwater. Misting is a good method to keep topsoil moist. Do not let soil dry out 6) In about 3 days, seeds will have sprouted sending up new shoots 7) Move pot to lighted area and it will grow rapidly into beautiful, healthy green grass for your pet.

Knowing how to grow your own cat grass is beneficial for both you and your kitty. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits. How Cat Grass Benefits Your Cat
  • Adds roughage to your cat’s diet providing health benefits such as adding fiber and vitamins to your cat’s diet. Fiber and vitamins are vital to the overall health of your pet.
  • Helps to eliminate hairballs. Read more about hairballs and cats.
  • Satisfies your cat’s craving for greens
  • Can help keep your cat away from dangerous plants – Providing your cat or other pet with cat grass can help prevent them from nibbling on toxic plants.

Lucy’s Cat Grass sells a variety of seed kits and seeds for growing cat grass for your pet including oat grass, wheat grass and our very own unique variety, Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Grass.

Cat grass provides pet owners with an affordable and safe way to enrich their cat’s diet, eliminate hairballs and keep them safe from toxic plants.