If you’re like many cat owners, you’ve probably heard of cat grass and are wondering “what is cat grass” or “what are cat grass seeds“. Well, you’re probably not alone. Oat grass seeds and wheat grass seeds for cats produce a kind of cereal grass such as oat and wheat grass that can be consumed by cats. Oat grass seeds for cats, along with wheat grass seeds for cats are filled with many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to help keep your cat healthy.

We sell Certified Organic Oat Seeds, Certified Organic Wheat Seeds and our exclusive Lucy’s Buck Oats (also known as Lucy’s Special Cat Grass Seed). Organic cat grass seeds such as the variety that we sell, can produce organic cat grass grown indoors during the winter months or outdoors during the warm months.

How Does Cat Grass Benefit Cats? As a cat owner, you may be wondering why cats eat grass. It’s believed that cats eat grass to help with the digestion process…helping them with constipation due to the high levels of fiber; inducing vomiting when sick or in need of bringing up a hairball; or treating diarrhea.

How Does Cat Grass Benefit Cat Owners? As a cat owner, you’ll also benefit from our organic cat grass! Our organic cat grass seeds produce a clean, organic grass so you do not have to worry about lawn and weed pesticides, dirt, dog pee or bugs. Growing your own organic cat grass also prevents your furry friend from accidentally eating a poisonous plant. The organic cat grass seeds that we sell also produce lush, narrow leaves consisting of chlorophyll which makes the grass green and is a natural breath freshener. You will also benefit knowing that you have a happy, more healthy cat and knowing that your house plants will be left alone.

Try Lucy’s Cat Grass. We sell a variety of Cat grass seeds for your cat (and other pets as well) including Oat grass seeds for cats, Wheat grass seeds for cats and our very own unique variety, Buck oat grass for cats.

Our organic cat grass is grown from oat seeds or wheat seeds and can be grown all year if grown indoors! With our amazing organic cat grass, your cat can enjoy fresh organic grass year round.