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This doggie loves his kitty. Emma and I love our doggie, Buster. Henry loves him too but not as much. Because Henry is a trouble maker, Mom tells Buster he can “get Henry” whenever Henry is doing something unacceptable…so Buster chases him until Henry jumps onto the bed or any higher viewing area. When the outside big dogs bark about something or someone unknown in their territory, there are 4 different reactions to us house pets. Emma (the shy one) keeps her belly to the floor and scurries to the basement. Henry (trouble maker) jumps to the bay window and growls (like he could even be a threat). Buster races to see what the action is out there, thinking he is a big dog and should join in protecting everyone. And, I, being the cool calm collected one, just take it easy knowing mom will protect us from any harm. Life is good!

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