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Yummy! I heard all the turkey talk so Thanksgiving must be right around the corner. That’s the day we can also call appreciation day. I am absolutely thankful to have been rescued by my mom all those years ago. She takes really good care of me, my two other feline rescues, plus three dogs! Of course, she pampers the dad, too!

There have been many changes made to this dwelling recently. Mom called it remodeling. Several evenings all critters were banished to the basement while all kinds of loud noises emanated from above. Then the prison door opened with a pungent odor. Upon sneaking to the living room, strange feeling floors were in place of the soft carpet. Furniture was covered in a crinkly see through material. Windows were also draped in this odd material.

After all this stuff was removed, the wicked vacuum appeared and picked up lots of dust and white pebble stuff. Then came the smelly painting on the walls. No banishment for this event, thank goodness. Naps are very high on my priority list!

The abode now looks nice according to mom and dad. If they’re happy, then so am I.

Meet my new friend named Emily. Isn’t she pretty? Smart, too. She loves my Lucy’s Buck Oats.

It must really be cold outside because Buster needs a coat to “take the mail” or “get the mail.” Doesn’t he look silly?

He likes to cuddle up in a blanket nowadays. P.S. He snores!

We all hope you have a happy Thanksgiving day!


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