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Things are greening up outside and birdies are serenading away! Soon butterflies will flutter to the butterfly bushes and many other flowers in the yard. But, in the meantime, this silly cardinal consistently tries ever so earnestly to enter the kitchen window. Henry, Emma and I have welcomed him to “come on in”, as we will be happy to play with him, but mom won’t let us have that toy.

Emma just missed that birdie!
Here he is in mid flight. He flutters up to the top of the window and down again.

OK. Time for a snack!
The grass isn’t the only thing growing like crazy around here. For example, this puppy will celebrate her first birthday March 24, 2012. She still needs to learn who is the queen of this household, though!Dad is teaching her to respect my space. Seems she thinks I am her toy. Let her play with Henry or Buster. Just let me enjoy my space with the mom!The mom, me, Emma and Buster all snuggled in for a nap.

Also new is a visiting puppy. Do you think you see double in this photo?
Tito, Buster and the dad.

Tito visits us at least once a week, referred to as “the grand dog” by mom and dad. He looks a lot like Buster but is extremely lively and very nosy. Tito has a very wiggly butt!

So, that’s whats up in my neighborhood for now. Enjoy!


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