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Another hot dry day in Kansas. The temperature has been 100 plus degrees every day for more than a week now. No rain in sight either. The evening lows are still in the 80’s! Now let me say I truly appreciate my air conditioned home where I can curl up and snooze any time I want, have my fill of kitty food and cat grass too. Thank you, mom, for rescuing me from that horrible outdoor life!

Here are some photos of my outdoor surroundings:


Cone flowers with black butterfly


That last photo is the BIG puppy Chula. Dang, she still has huge feet and ears! When Chula comes inside, I head for the top spot on the cat tree, Emma takes off for her secret hiding place in the basement, Henry growls a lot, and Buster lets her know who is BOSS dog in the house!

Stay cool and play ball!

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