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As the holidays approach, and turkey day is Thursday, I thought I might remind people and pets to stay away from dangerous items. Did you know we are NOT to eat butter, any kind of chocolate, xylitol (a sugar-free ingredient found in baking goods, candy and chewing gum)? These things can cause us pets to become weak, vomit, have tummy pain, and can even cause us to have seizures. YUK! That would not be anything I would be thankful for!

I have been working on getting into shape before all the holidays get here. Remember, round is a shape!

Mom’s dog Buster has yet another playmate. Seems another Boston terrier has been adopted by the daughter so he comes to visit. His name is Tito:

This little dog has LOTS and LOTS of energy. He runs circles around Buster and they wear each other out. I lie on my lofty perch to enjoy the silliness of those animals!

Be sweet! Meow, meow!


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