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Goodness, it has been some time since I’ve updated the blog!

Let’s see Miss Daisy enjoying some of Lucy’s Buck Oats. She sure goes for those oats now doesn’t she? And, she is a real beautiful kitty! I love seeing pictures of all the lucky cats who are enjoying the great catgrass.

This is how I have been spending my afternoons after my tummy gets its kitty grass treat:

Mom likes interrupting my dreams with her camera catching me napping.

The male cardinal is still fighting his own reflection in the kitchen window while his bride sits in the cup size nest in the lavender flowering clematis vine nearby. He keeps the three of us cats entertained with his silly antics. The orioles are arriving to eat jelly from the special feeders made just for them.

Mom has been busy planting her flowers she has been raising. Sometimes she comes in all dirty and smells funny!

I hope you have a wonderful spring and summer and take my advice: Eat well and nap often!

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