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I am learning that dogs come in all sizes and shapes, colors and personalities. There are little cuddly dogs, big scarey dogs, dogs who fetch, dogs who love me, dogs who snore, dogs who run run and run, dogs who love to sleep as much as I do, etc. Let me show you two dogs who share my home, Buster and Chula. Buster is the black and white Boston terrier (10 years old) and Chula is the German Shepherd (7 months – 75 pounds). Chula is one BIG baby dog!

They are busy playing tug of war. Guess who wins? As I sit on my kitty tower, I can easily see Buster as the clear winner. He is small and agile whereas Chula is in her clumsy big feet stage.

This lovely tiger swallowtail butterfly took a lunch break in our butterfly bushes last week. Isn’t he pretty? I thought about chasing him, but I am much too lazy for that kind of excitement.

Mom brought home a new bedspread just for me! I think it flatters me quite nicely, don’t you? It is very comfey…

Meow, meow. Time for dinner and a nap. Have a great day. Eat more cat grass!


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