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Cat Grass vs. House Plants

Offering grass to a cat, particularly an indoor cat, can distract them from nibbling on other, potentially hazardous and toxic indoor houseplants. If you observe your cat eating grass or other plants, it is not necessarily an indicator of a nutritional deficiency. Your cat may be simply satisfying a craving.

The interest in cat grass varies from cat to cat. Some do not seem to care for it, while others like to graze often. Without access to tender, young grass, cats will sometimes turn to Indoor plants. Unfortunately, cats can discover that some are poisonous.

As owners have become more aware of the health benefits of maintaining an “indoor” lifestyle for their pet, they have found it advantageous to bring some of the outdoors in. Cat grass grows fast and is easy to care for. It costs very little, and provides a renewable resource of enjoyment for your cat. A chemical-free, controlled source of fiber, indoor cat grass is a worry-free option. Lucy’s Cat Grass has 3 options of healthy grasses for your cat, wheat, oats and buck oats. I know my cats would miss their grass if I did not grow it for my special fur babies.

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