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Mom says it is so hot and miserable outside she doesn’t want to be out there any longer than it takes to water some flowers and feed the birds. 107, 105, 104 degrees for the past 3 weeks and no rain in sight. She is even ready for football so it would seem cooler! I am so thankful I am an inside spoiled rotten pet! Yea me!!!!

I have new friends enjoying my special buck oats and want to show them off:

Ziggy’s sister Holly.
These guys are lookin’ so good!

More photos from my friends in Grandview, MO:
What does Jack see?
Oh my goodness!
All for me???
Well, (stretch) I think I deserve a treat and a nap, so that’s all for now. I heard mom say she is going to do a rain dance, so that could be really interesting. We’ll talk later…

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