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Another year has flown by just like the graceful butterflies in the garden I watched all spring, summer and fall of last year. Now I peer through the kitchen window, spying on all the birdies eating sunflower seeds provided by my mom. Watching those birds provides a pleasant experience while taking in the sunshine and eating a little cat grass. What a life!

Meanwhile, our home has been invaded by dogs! Chula has been spending more time inside and she thinks she can sniff me anytime she wants! Gross! Dog germs! I save myself by jumping onto the table or onto the washing machine where her huge nose cannot reach me. Mom says she is beautiful but I think she is just a HUGE PEST! Plus, Isabelle has also been joining the invasion! Holy Moley! Just look at these two!

Buster, the Boston terrier is trying out for football, I think. Just look at this:

Pretty goofy if you ask me! Poor Buster. He is a good boy for putting up with being dressed is silly costumes.

My entire family wishes for the best of everything in 2012 for your family!


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