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Yep. You will never guess what mom and dad did recently! They adopted a puppy. YUK! Life with one little dog (Buster is well tolerated here) is ENOUGH! Now there is “Thunder.” Although he plays outside during the daylight hours, he comes inside the house in the evenings and sleeps in his kennel. Thank goodness for the kennel! As you can imagine, this causes quite a stir with the three of us cats. Lots of hissing, spitting and arching of our backs. I jump to the window sill. Emma runs for the basement. Henry tries to be fierce, but eventually backs down and runs for cover. This darn dog has too much energy for us sleepy creatures! And……he smells funny.

Thunder is called a Czechoslovakian German Shepherd. He even sounds like thunder when he enters a room with those enormous feet. And talk about a clumsy fellow. Seems he has discovered somersaults and practices them continually. When he is finally tucked away in his kennel we cats sneak out to the living room to join mom in her recliner, ever so aware of any movement from Thunder.

Buster is not real thrilled to be sharing his toys either. Buster has been the king dog of the house too long to let some young whippersnapper take over!

Well since Thunder is outside now I think I will get a well deserved snack of my cat grass. YUMMY!


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