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Lucy’s Cat Grass Blog

Hi. My name is Lucy LuLu and I am a female feline mix kitty adopted as a stray kitten in May, 2004. I live indoors with my mom and dad, have a very shy sister, Emma Louise, and a pesky brother named Henry James. Oh yes, and one other strange critter named Buster who also walks on 4 legs but doesn’t speak my language and he smells kind of funny. All three of us cats just know that when Buster makes a barking sound, we all run and hide!

My daily routine consists of waking from my night time dreaming, checking my food bowl, alerting my mom or dad that my food bowl is completely empty, racing to eat my kibble, then settling into my sunny spot for a quick bath and nap. Next, I will nibble on my lovely fresh cat grass. Darn it! Henry is after me again! He is such a pest! OK. Time to nap until dinner is served.

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