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Holiday Shopping, as told by Cats
So many emotions felt while waiting in line at the mall

The holidays are about so much more than gift-giving, but sometimes it seems like holiday shopping takes up most of our time and energy in the weeks before the big day. Luckily, these cats understand what it takes to find the perfect gift.

From the initial enthusiasm, to the growing hunger and shrinking patience, to the final victory when you grab the last item on your list, and it’s on sale! Take a break from the madness and enjoy these cats who’ve been through it all: Holiday Shopping As Told by Cats.

1) You are in the holiday spirit and ready to face those crowds.

2) First few stores are a huge success and you have bought some amazing stuff that is on a super sale! Way to go!

3) You have a great attitude, but some lady just cut in front of you, so maybe you stick your tongue out at her, just to make yourself feel a little better.

4) And you find something great – but oh my gosh that line can’t be real! It’s so long!

5) Wine isn’t the most personal gift, but it’s easy! You grab a couple bottles to keep the momentum up.

6) And you have hit a wall. Tired, hungry, and grumpy. Can you even go on?

7) But you grab a coffee and some fries. You are fueled up and focused. Time to knock off the rest of the people on your list.

8) Toys for everyone! You finished!

9) Now for the wrapping, and you wonder how many of these you can keep for yourself.

10) And it’s time to relax! Your holiday shopping is all done and you can just enjoy the season!

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Meowy Christmas everyone!

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