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This IS very exciting news! Everyone who purchases a product from me at Lucy’s Cat Grass during December 2014 and/or January 2015 will be automatically entered in a drawing for one lucky winner to receive a one pound Lucy’s Special Buck Oats Kit PLUS our new product. So what is this exciting new product? Introducing the Kitty Litter Claw, invented by my dad. How it happened: Mom needed to be away from home for several days and nights, leaving dad with feeding three cats and three dogs. His least favorite chore is cleaning our litter boxes. (Frankly I don’t see a problem there.) So, dad pondered how to make this a less dreaded chore for him. He put on his thinking cap and drew up a new method for cat litter removal. Here is a photo of his invention:

This gadget works great! A plastic bag can be placed over a small waste basket and the Kitty Litter Claw picks up the dirty litter transferring it to the trash bag. Neat and tidy. No more bending over getting your face close to the litter box. Way to go dad!

Currently we refer to it as a Kitty Litter Claw or Litter Claw. If anyone has a better suggestion, please send it to If your suggestion is chosen for this product name, you will receive one new product free of charge.

Winners will be notified via email so be sure to include that when ordering. Good luck and have a great cat grass day!

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