Snow, snow go away!  Every day gets just a little closer to green grass, flowers and warmer weather outside.  Mom has planted lots and lots of seeds and has tiny flowers growing under warm lights downstairs.  She keeps me well supplied with Lucy’s Buck Oats so I pay no attention to other living plants around me.  I used to upset her by tugging out any new flowers she had carefully planted….yikes!  That did NOT make her happy!

Here is what the front garden looked like last year.

front garden 13 049 [] cats and kennels 056 [] cats and kennels 058 [] cats and kennels 061 []

Plus, there is a vegetable garden in the back yard and more flower gardens here and there all around the house.  Mom sure loves to plant flowers!

Well, happy February and hurry up March!

LucyNovember 2012 015 []


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