Meet My New Friend Aspen

Aspen lives in New Jersey “luves her Lucy’s Cat Grass and gave me a High-Five for ordering it for her” says Fred who is owned by Aspen.

Aspen high five

Here are more photos of beautiful Aspen

Aspen 2 []

Aspen1 []

Here is more news from  Fred and Aspen:

“This Grass is about a month old and still growing strong.  I t tried your tip of using Distilled water, that combined with the quality of your seeds has made a tremendous difference in how long
Aspen’s cat grass lasts.  Now I don’t have to replant every few weeks and have Aspen waiting for her grass.
Now Aspen’s only wish is that she had an easier way of eating the grass besides waiting for me to come hand feed it to her.”
Lucy says Aspen deserves to be spoiled!  And, Lucy sends her love to Fred and Aspen!  For more fun with Aspen check this out:
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