Leaves are falling off our trees, soon they will be naked.  This means another season is upon us called Autumn.  It looks pretty outside except for the field is now brown instead of green with colorful wildflowers.  There are fewer butterflies and bees.   Birds still come to take their baths and nibble on sunflower seeds and pick at the cat grass seeds in our compost pile.  Plus, hints of Halloween are evident – witchy flags and decorations.  Orange pumpkins sit on the front steps.  Yawn.  Think I will take a nap in the sunshine of the bay window….

But first, some photos:


Miss Eva kitty shares her cat grass with her pal Tito the Boston Terrier.  He is mom’s “grand dog” and visits us regularly.  Tito is very lively and playful.  He and Buster play tug of war and chase balls in the basement.  The noisy barking from those two interrupts Emma’s peace so she likes to puff up and yell at them which sends them both behind mom for protection.   Such fun and games!

Her is Tito’s close up:


What a camera ham!




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